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5 vaginal interiors to enhance your sexual sensations

5 vaginal interiors to enhance your sexual sensations

What does the vagina of an adult sex doll really look like?
The main function of adult sex dolls is to give male clients the best sexual sensations, so the most important part of the whole sex doll is the vagina, and the internal structure of the vagina is even more crucial, as different vaginal walls can have different sexual sensations. Today we will talk about the 5 internal structures designed by Elsababe doll inside

The internal structure of the tongue

This structure is designed with many tongues inside the vagina, when the male penis enters the vagina, it feels like there are many tongues, licking the penis, you know, in reality, the penis is being licked by the tongues, and the feeling of that is really wonderful. So if you are licked by many tongues, how does it feel? Don’t ask me, feel it yourself, it’s the best.

The internal structure of the breast

Breast sex is one of the most favorite parts of men, the breasts are very soft, when you have breast sex, the whole phallus is wrapped by the breasts, and then the up and down movement, it is a very wonderful thing, and the internal structure of the breasts is inside the vagina, designed with many small breasts, when the phallus enters the vagina, it feels wrapped by many breasts, it is very wonderful.

The internal structure of the tentacle

You may like some more exciting sensations, gentle sensations may not be suitable for you, then this tentacle internal structure is perfect for men who like to stimulate. The interior of the vagina is designed with many tentacles, and this design will bring intense sensations.

Sucking internal structure

How does it feel if the phallus is sucked by a mouth? The internal structure of sucking is designed with many small mouths inside the vagina, and when the phallus comes in, the mouth will suck the phallus because of the difference in air pressure.

Simulate the real vaginal internal structure

If you just like the original feeling, you can choose this one, this is completely simulated real vagina internal manufacturing, when you use it, you will certainly exclaim the manufacturing process of high quality, because the feeling is very good.

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