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What would happen if you brought characters from games and anime into the real world?

For example, I love King of Thieves and Dragon Ball, which have been with me all my childhood, and I am cheeky enough to tell you that I especially like the female characters in the games and anime, which have a particularly perfect body and sparkling eyes, which are impossible to exist in our reality.
So what if the girl types from the game anime were brought into the real world?

Goblin sex dolls
You must have seen the goblins in anime, they were originally animals and through training, they gained magic and could then take human form, for example with a cute face and long bunny ears on their head, which really cute everyone. RINA, for example, is a little bunny girl who has the good nature and gentleness of a bunny and is very cute.

Pixie sex dolls
You will remember the Elves from the Lord of the Rings, they are an elegant race and are good at archery. In games and anime, the Elves are also important characters, for example MIU, she is a noble Elf, she has a pair of long ears and moves very nimbly. Now, through technology, we have brought the Elves to life, so what are you waiting for, bring her home and discover the mysterious forest together.

Silicone Sex Dolls 7- 150cm Miu (Elven Princess)
Silicone Sex Dolls 7- 150cm Miu (Elven Princess)

The table from the anime
How does a table in anime make you feel? For me, a girl’s table in anime gives me the feeling of first love, the kind of sweet relationship that is very nice. Our NANA fits that category perfectly, with her big eyes and little short skirt. She will definitely succeed in taking you through to the world of anime and then exploring the stories inside the anime together.

Love Silicone Dolls - koizumi Nana 148cm
Love Silicone Dolls – koizumi Nana 148cm

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