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Different types of realistic sex dolls

Everyone will have a perfect goddess in his heart and hope to achieve the most perfect sexual feeling with her.’s mission is to help everyone to get the goddess in his heart and then realize the feeling in his heart, so we offer various types of sex dolls, up to 500 kinds, each doll has its own story and its own personality, no matter what your hobby is, we have the right type for you, we also added modern science and technology, our dolls can moan, heat up, can wiggle their asses, and can suck your dick. We have the perfect custom strength to make the goddess perfectly, and we introduce you to our sex doll series below.

Torso sex dolls
The biggest feature of the torso sex doll is that it is not equipped with arms and legs, the size is generally around 1 meter, lighter weight, so that it is easier to carry, can change places at will, although not equipped with arms and legs, but still like using a life-size sex doll, enjoy the torso doll, it still has proud bosom, attractive buttocks, still can spend a perfect night, feel more special.

Mini, small sex dolls
Small sex dolls and torso dolls and different, small sex dolls size between 1-1.48 meters, light weight, easy to carry features, designed specifically for people who do not like torso sex dolls, but also need to be easy to carry, it is equipped with arms and legs, the structure is petite and cute, so that people very pity.

Life-size sex dolls
This type of sex doll size in 148 or more, the same as the real height, it has a beautiful makeup, proud body, but also according to their own preferences can be customized, life-size sex dolls can not only meet all your requirements, it also has a companionship function, if you come back from work every day, see it quietly waiting for you to leave work, the heart will certainly be very warm.

Role-playing sex dolls
This type of sex doll will wear a variety of professional uniforms, the full force of the implementation of the temptation of the uniform, there are playing teachers, playing baristas, playing angels, playing princesses, playing fitness on the coach, here, will certainly find your favorite profession.
Artificial intelligence sex doll

With the development of modern technology, sex dolls are no longer the traditional material toys, has been toward the development of artificial intelligence, such as sex dolls can blink, can answer your questions, can walk, can turn around, I believe that in the future, sex dolls will be more realistic, products are no longer the traditional sex dolls, with technological elements, our products can moan, can intelligent Oral sex, can twist the hips, in order to reward the majority of the user community, we have the technology elements of sex dolls, the price is the market price, not significantly higher.

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