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The most expensive inflatable doll ever sold for a mind-boggling $60,000.

The most expensive inflatable doll ever sold for a mind-boggling $60,000.

Inflatable dolls have evolved from the earliest inflatable type dolls, to later assembled dolls, to later silicone dolls that simulate human skin, to now having evolved to artificially only sex dolls.
Today is to say that this inflatable doll is not a normal inflatable doll, this inflatable doll is an adult product company in Japan to make, called the most expensive inflatable doll, it is sold at $60,000, in the United States, $60,000 can buy a Dodge Hellcat, can buy a Porsche 718. this is a what a doll, can be compared to a Porsche, let’s take a look.

  1. purely handmade, things are rare, this doll is handmade by top experienced veteran workers, only 500 pieces are produced annually, and they are all made 1:1 with real life models.
  2. Built-in heating device that keeps the doll stable at around 37 degrees and can also be pronounced by real people.
  3. You can also customize the nipple colour, cups and hair style.
  4. This product also has a choice of eye movements, which means that you can choose the direction of eye movement, such as flat, squinting or gazing. This allows the doll’s facial expressions to be formed.
  5. The built-in semi-skeletal support means that this inflatable doll can simulate the movements of the human body, such as tilting the head, squatting, etc.

The origins of the inflatable doll go back to 1970 in Japan, where the advent of the inflatable doll made men feel that the most sexual era had arrived.
With the advances in science and technology and the expanding market demand, the inflatable doll has seen an era of inter-generational development, where the degree of simulation is infinitely closer to that of a real person. Currently the world recognises that the best in making inflatable dolls are the OT industry in Japan and REAL DOLL in the US.
Sex dolls are very advanced, but still very expensive for us ordinary people, we can’t enjoy the feeling brought by technology. is a professional sex doll selling website, which has sex dolls made by top sex doll manufacturers in China.

  1. For example, Microlove Doll, which is a professional manufacturer of sex robot dolls. They make very popular simulated human oral sex models, where you can enjoy top-notch oral sex sensations just by sitting lightly on a stool. There are also simulated human orgasms, wiggling hips and simulated human expressions, full of technology. The price is very affordable, no substantial height, close to the market price of the doll industry, suitable for the purchasing power of the public.
Lifelike Sex Doll 2021 – 152cm Irene

2.WM DOLL is the top manufacturer in China, he makes dolls with a very high degree of realism, which is very famous, as well as his simulated human breathing, which is very popular among doll lovers.

WM Adult Sex Doll 2 - Audrey 172CM B-Cup
WM Adult Sex Doll 2 – Audrey 172CM B-Cup
  1. ElsaBabe Doll is famous for making Asian sex dolls, and his anime game sex dolls are very impressive and can fully recreate the characters in the anime.
life size real doll - Junko 148cm
life size real doll – Junko 148cm

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