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Experts confirm: sex dolls can actually relieve loneliness

Experts confirm: sex dolls can actually relieve loneliness
With the development of artificial intelligence, robots have appeared in various markets, among which sex robots have attracted the most attention. The biggest function of sex robot dolls is to make men sexually satisfied. But recently, British scientists have discovered that sex dolls can help elderly people living alone to feel lonely. This is really great.

Professor Nancy Jecker of the University of Washington has recently published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics entitled ‘Nothing to be ashamed of: Sex robots for the elderly disabled’. The article boldly suggests that the use of ‘sex dolls’ could improve the physical and mental health of silver-haired people who live alone or have physical disabilities.

First of all, elderly people living alone are mentally stressed due to living alone for a long time, they need companionship and comfort from their children. However, in modern society, there are so many things that attract young people, it is really very difficult for society, for contemporary young people to pay attention to the elderly, the elderly and modern young people are separated by an era, it is very difficult for them to have a common language, young people will find the topics of the elderly boring and Life is boring, this is a very realistic topic, so sex robot dolls are perfectly suited to accompany the elderly, sex dolls have a chat function, they can accompany the elderly to chat, the dolls do not mind the boredom of the elderly, they do not mind that life is boring, they are not tempted by the outside world.
Secondly, elderly people who live alone were once very active young people, they want to show themselves off even when they are old and they want to be perceived as not having aged. Likewise, the elderly want to revive their style sexually, but who will help them to do so. This is the most neglected issue. In this case, sex robotic dolls are perfect for the job. They have perfect bodies, great looks and they don’t resent the elderly, they just quietly encourage them. Beverly, for example, has blonde hair, loves to read, has a great body and she definitely brings back memories of your youth.

WM Blonde Sex Doll 6 - Beverly 162cm E-cup
WM Blonde Sex Doll 6 – Beverly 162cm E-cup

So stop looking at sex dolls with coloured eyes, they can also represent love, they are no longer just for sex, they will also be for cuddling and soothing. Sex dolls will play an even bigger role!

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