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Most frequently asked questions

Shopping Basics

We provide air and sea transportation, and you can choose UPS, FEDEX for transportation after arriving at the destination country。

We currently sell in the following countries: USA
Covid-19 shipping times are only indicative as the current Covid-19 situation is constantly improving or deteriorating in different countries/regions. Whenever we receive new information from a shipping company, we will make minor adjustments and notify you by email in a timely manner。

For ordered dolls, our production process usually takes 3-7  working day, depending on the customization options you choose. When your order is processed fast ah transport, we will have sent you the logistics tracking number by mail, so that you can track the logistics information in a timely manner。

In rare cases, your goods production, delivery process may be unavoidable, we will promptly notify you by e-mail。

Please note that for electronic products customs will pay extra attention, so when you customize the doll with built-in electronic devices, it may add 5 days to the shipping time.

The shipping time may be especially long due to sudden bad weather or during Christmas or Chinese New Year. We will serve every customer with care.


We will give the appropriate price according to the professional payment company (e.g. PayPal) that sets the payment rate in line with the prevailing one. Paypal payment, credit card or debit card are available for payment, and third party bank transfer is also possible. Bank remittance is relatively lower in fees。

If you are living in the US, EU, we offer a service by default to help you pay import duties in advance.
Our dolls are shipped to you directly from China.
Therefore you will be the one importing the dolls and will be responsible for paying import duties and VAT。

Shipping & Returns

Please contact us promptly before 6 hours!!!

Before we ship any product, it goes through several stages of quality checks. Our aim is to provide our customers with only the best quality products. After you place an order with us, you will receive an email confirming your order, if you change your mind or accidentally place an order, please contact us within 6 hours and we will gladly process a refund, a 10% processing fee will be deducted from your total order amount (we have to do this because our payment processor will charge us even if the transaction is cancelled)。


For dolls that have been produced / shipped, we can not provide exchanges or returns. Because there are multiple issues such as hygiene, so after receiving the product, be sure to check the doll’s first time and give us timely feedback. After the product is shipped to the buyer, that is the end of the sale and may not be canceled or returned for any reason. Please understand that this is the normal practice of the sex doll industry.

Sex dolls are custom-made products created exclusively for buyers, and our factory operates 24/7 around the clock. Once you place an order, the order information is automatically sent to the factory after 6 hours and our staff will immediately start producing your dolls for shipment as soon as possible. Therefore, we do not accept cancellations after the order has been accepted at the factory.

If the customer insists on canceling the order before shipping, otherwise the seller will be charged a restocking fee which is 50% of the product order value. twiceperson.com will refund the buyer the amount paid minus the restocking fee, (restocking fee: in the form of the buyer’s original payment and other costs that may be incurred, such as labor, design fees, mold material fees, processing fees, makeup and transaction fees)

Cancellation of orders after shipment is not possible

Note: Dolls that are ready to be shipped are already finished. Cancellation policy does not apply to “ready to ship” dolls listed

If you have any questions or would like to make changes or suggestions during the purchase process, please contact our customer service via email

If you have not received your refund, please check your bank account or credit card account again first, it usually takes some time before a refund is issued.
If you have done all of this and you still have not received your refund, please contact us, don’t worry, we’ll help you.

If you need help, you can contact us by email or call us directly at our contact number.We will provide timely feedback。






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