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Hair implant sex dolls and wig sex dolls?

First of all, tpe material dolls cannot be implanted, only silicone material dolls can. Silicone dolls are made of hard material, toughness engaged, and strong plasticity. Can withstand higher pressure, workers manually implanted hair, silicone surface is not easy to crack, can maintain a good scalp surface, so that the hair is distinct, and the real hair is not very different.

1.from a visual point of view: hair transplanted dolls are better

Real hair transplants are purchased from the market for real hair and then implanted into the head of a silicone doll. The cost of real hair is very high, and some real hair needs to be imported from abroad, so silicone hair transplant dolls have the highest price. So the doll made of silicone hair implants looks very realistic, especially when the back of the head, the middle part, the difference between hair implants and wigs will look great. Specifically we can look at the following picture examples

2. from a practical point of view: good with wigs.

Wig doll is not implanted in the production process of hair, but after the completion of production, will wear an extra ride on the wig piece, so that customers can help the doll wear wig piece when using. It can be said that wig dolls will be more affordable compared to silicone hair transplants. Hair implants are not going to grow back, fall out can only be re-implanted; while wigs will be more convenient to comb, pick a lot of shapes, bangs, then generally can not see whether it is implanted or bring wigs. Wigs are easier to clean, take off the wig alone to clean, will not damage the doll’s head.

How to choose a doll when buying?

Buy hair transplant dolls or wig sex dolls

First, refer to your budget. If your budget is around $4,000, try a hair implant silicone doll, because it is very realistic and worth buying. If your budget is less than $2000, then you’d better choose the wig version of the sex doll.

Next, refer to your preferences. If you like realistic sex dolls, then you should choose silicone hair transplant sex dolls. Silicone wigs are slightly less expensive and are the best choice. If you have little requirement for the fidelity of sex dolls, you can choose tpe wigs, this type of sex doll is really suitable for the price.

Third, it depends on your purpose. If you buy sex dolls mainly to solve the sexual needs, do not care about the appearance, then you can choose the wig version of sex dolls, the price is cheap, not fresh can be replaced. If you like photography, cosplay, dress up, like to use sex dolls as models, then you better choose the implant version of sex dolls. This type of sex dolls are very realistic and will create very good material for you.

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