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How much does a sex doll cost?

A sex doll is a doll made with a female as a template. There are vaginas, breasts, etc., which can let the male penis be put into the doll’s vagina for friction and produce pleasure. In modern times, sex dolls use a built-in skeleton, which can complete various actions with sex dolls. The material uses medical TPE, which is easy to carve and the dolls are more realistic. With the development of technology, sex dolls have become intelligent, for example, they can shake their heads and twist their butts. I believe that in the near future, smart sex robots will be manufactured and sold one day.

In modern times, there are more and more types of sex dolls. You can choose big ass, big breasts, tall ones, and fat ones. A sex doll probably sells for $1,000-2,000. Some more powerful brands will sell for $6,000. Does that sex doll really have such a high value?

In 2018, there was a special brothel in western Germany, where you can rent sex dolls at a price of 40 euros according to your different needs. This brothel is also a BDSM place, for binding, training, and domination. Provide services to clients with surrender, abusive, and masochistic tendencies.
In 2020, in Shenzhen, China, the first sex doll was born. The customer group is mainly factory workers. The sex doll is rented at a price of 188 RMB.

The Kazakh muscular man Yuri Tolochko fell in love with the sex doll Margo. They got married and put on a handsome suit, tie, and gently put the ring on the bride. The bride is priceless in Yuri Tolochko’s heart.
In the early days, sex dolls were synonymous with pornography. Once used carelessly, diseases are more likely to spread, which may deepen the tendency to abuse and rape, and increase the crime rate.
In modern times, sex dolls are no longer a tool for pornography. They can accompany people’s hearts and relieve loneliness. Under effective regulations, they can reduce crime, the spread of diseases, and reduce violence.
Finally, in your eyes, how much is a sex doll cost?

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