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How Much Is a Sex Doll and Are They Worth the Money?

  • Are sex dolls really as expensive as you think? Today we will go over the basics of sex doll prices and whether they are worth the cash

The first time you laid eyes on an ultra-modern, high-quality realistic sex doll, a few things probably went through your mind. The first being, “wow!” and the second being, “that thing has got to cost some big bucks.” And honestly, you wouldn’t be wrong about that second thought.

Some sex dolls can cost up to $10,000.

But if you’re heartbroken over the idea of not being able to afford your dream sex-doll, wait just a moment and dry your tears. It turns out that sex dolls come in a huge variety of prices, reflecting their size, material, brand, and tech specs.

How much is a sex doll?

There is no one price for all sex dolls. But there are some categories that give us a better idea of the price and help you understand what your money goes towards. Answering the question of how much is a sex doll will really depend on which level of doll matches your needs.

High-end sex dolls $2,500 – $10,000

High-end sex dolls are made for people that want the closest thing to a living, breathing person.

This level of a sex doll is truly mind-blowing in terms of detail, customization options, and life likeness. Things like being warm to the touch and moaning and talking are all possible, thanks to high-tech internal systems.

Some dolls even move their hips and simulate breathing.

These more expensive, life like sex dolls are typically made of TPE plastic, as this material allows for ultra-life and smooth skin texture, that is also quite easy to keep clean.

Hi end sex dolls are quite heavy, thanks to their metal skeletons and realistic size, making them add up to around 70lbs. Those that can’t handle heavy lifting might require a smaller doll.

Mid-level sex dolls $1,000 – $2,500

Now, in the middle, we have a level of sex doll that many people find to be well worth the money. Coming in at anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500, mid-level sex dolls are ultra-realist and hold their quality for years.

They typically come in silicone plastic and are highly customizable.

This range of dolls is heavier than entry-level dolls, but still not as heavy or big as the top-notch level of sex dolls.

When considering the level of quality in relation to price, in our opinion, mid-range sex dolls are a win!

Low-level sex dolls, $400 – $1,000

It is absolutely possible to get your hands on a sex doll for well under 10K. But the lower cost means sacrificing a bit of the quality. A lower price tag will mean a rather low-tech doll and is sure to be less realistic.

But with that in mind, entry sex dolls are still enjoyable, and they certainly out-perform inflatable sex dolls and pocket pussies by a mile.

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