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1 minute to let you understand how sex dolls are made

How to make sex dolls.Full Size Sex Dolls 

“Who made the sex doll” and “What exactly is the sex doll” have already been answered. This time we will talk about how the sex doll is made.

First, like all product designs, the staff will refer to the body proportions of some well-known models, draw out the artwork of the doll’s body structure, and then design;

Then, the skeleton will be made according to the artwork; once the skeleton is available, a mold must be made accordingly, and the mold will be placed in the inverted mold slot; then, according to the skin color of different models, different pigments are added to the TPE, and The well-mixed raw materials are poured into the inverted mold tank for shaping; after a period of time, the inverted mold tank is opened, and a semi-finished humanoid doll is produced.
Finally, proper pruning needs to be made. Especially for the face model, after it comes out, the eyebrows, eyes, lips, etc. must be painted on it, plus eyeballs and false eyelashes, the whole head looks vibrant, making the doll look more realistic. Finally, put all the accessories together to form a complete doll. Since the physical doll cannot be folded, it must be transported in its entirety. is a professional sex doll distributor, and it has reached cooperation with top sex doll manufacturers to bring you the best sex dolls.

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