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How the new crown virus makes sex dolls sex partners

A sex robot, also known as a companion robot, is a kind of intelligent robot that meets the needs of human sex. Sex robots have a highly simulated human skin and body appearance, no longer as boring as traditional sex dolls, able to complete the basic actions that add interest, advanced points can provide a class brain response to human language and action, is an intelligent robot specifically to meet the needs of human sexuality.

Although sex robots are made of silicone or TPE and are often considered the choice of sexually lonely people, there is nothing exaggerated about the success of the sex robot industry. With the spread of the epidemic, the number of deaths worldwide reached 5 million, there are many families torn apart, and people have less communication with each other, less trust and more misunderstandings, this time, sex dolls are just right to give comfort to people and can release the pressure in people’s hearts, sex dolls can be absolutely loyal to you, there will be no noise and no misunderstanding, it will be with you all the time.

The UK Office for Budget Responsibility, which is responsible for providing independent forecasts based on government policy, says the hit to the UK economy could reach around £300 billion in the financial year ending April 2021, but one area of the economy that is undoubtedly booming in this new crown virus pandemic is the sex robot industry.

So when you see your neighbor stuffing the kids in the car for a day at the beach this weekend – after all, social distance and “necessary travel” are for the obedient – at least you know that there are more sex dolls than ever before to revive you in these tough times.

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