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How to use a physical doll for the first time?

A solid doll is a simulated adult toy that replaces a real person to satisfy sexual needs.When you decide to use a physical doll to solve the normal physiological needs of the problem, then you must choose the quality of reliable dolls produced by large manufacturers, such as

How do the physical dolls work?

1, when you receive the physical doll, it should be kept in some cooler places, not in the sun, and do not let it near the source of fire, the wrapping paper do not throw away everywhere, to keep well, maybe later to send back to the manufacturer to overhaul the broken parts need to use.

2, before the first use, be sure to clean the entity doll, so that some bacteria can be eliminated, we can use disinfectant spray, you can also use disinfectant wet wipes, or the alcohol content of 95% of the pharmaceutical disinfectant can also be used.

3, in the use of the time, to use the first lubricant, water-soluble is better, generally when buying a baby will be distributed there, so that when using the doll will have enough lubrication, so as to have a better sense of friction, can quickly reach the peak state, as for how much lubricant with? This depends on the feeling when used, if not enough slippery, comfortable enough to put some more.

4, when using the need to bring TT it? This also depends on the individual, you want to wear can also be, some of the higher degree of lubrication condoms, generally do not wear of course more cool, remember to clean after use, without a condom also need to clean, because there is oil well, clean to their own responsibility is also responsible for the doll.

5, after using the entity doll need to be cleaned with water inside the doll’s vagina, and the entity doll disinfection treatment. After disinfecting the entity doll, use warm water to clean it again, and then towel to dry the interior and surface of the entity doll, or natural drying, and finally save it for the next use.

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