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If the sex doll becomes human

I am a sex doll (Part 1)(Story serialization)

One morning, the sun had not yet come out, but its afterglow illuminated the whole blue sky, the air was very fresh, it was another beautiful day.
At this time in the park, a child was playing soccer and accidentally kicked the soccer ball next to the garbage dump, he immediately ran over and picked up the ball, at this time, he saw a hand on the ground next to the garbage can. He was so scared that he sat on the ground and ran away crying immediately.
At this time, the cleaner pushed the garbage can away, a sex doll lying naked on the ground, it turns out that the child saw the hand is this sex doll, which is a physical doll, the proportions are the same as the real thing. It has proud breasts, sexy hips, blonde hair, simply a popular lover, manufacturing it out of the factory, the process is very impressive, do not look carefully, it is difficult to distinguish the real from the fake.

Suddenly, the sex doll’s hand moved magically, and then the sex doll slowly stood up, the sex doll actually magically came to life. Her eyes kept blinking and kept absorbing the breath of nature. Then slowly walked towards the sidewalk.
Thomas is a programmer, he just graduated a year, learning is not the top, but he was lucky to find a job here in New York, so he is doubly proud, but, in the big city, prices are too high, just working for him, let him feel the pressure, so usually he did not dare to travel, dare not go to socialize, and even dare not go to find a girlfriend, in fact, in the company, he has a very quiet girl very good feeling, but always afraid to pursue.
This day, Thomas got up very early, he has the habit of morning running, he believes that the need for a strong body, in order to fight for the future, he dressed, ready equipment, and then went out for a run.
The camera returned to the sex doll here, sex doll naked leaking body walked on the sidewalk, because the morning, not many people, but people passing by are very surprised to look at the naked girl, there are erotic eyes, there are ridiculing eyes, but also kind eyes.
Two lustful young men looked at the naked girl walking, and then surrounded her, lustfully said: Beauty, where to go, follow us to play, it will make you very comfortable. After saying that, one hand touched the ass of the sex doll, the sex doll did not say live, nor did she resist, her eyes were very confused, in her memory, being touched by a man’s ass is what she should do. These two lustful men, seeing that the girl did not respond, had even more courage, put their hands into the breasts, and then sex doll was dragged by these two men directly into a nearby public toilet, and so, sex doll was raped, and after it was done, these two men left directly, leaving sex doll directly in the public toilet, and during the whole process, sex doll did not cry or make a fuss, in her perception, she often repeated Such a thing, she felt, her existence is for this thing, but, in this time, her heart felt uncomfortable. She stood up, not knowing why, she wished she had something to cover her body. Then in the public restroom, she found a rag and draped it over herself, knowing that she needed a garment. (End of Part 1)

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