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One minute to let you know the dangers of masturbation

In modern life, life stress is a mountain on top of human beings. Stress causes physical abnormalities, emotional abnormalities, abnormal behaviors, and cognitive abnormalities. In severe cases, it is easy to cause depression and suicidal behavior. There are various ways to relieve stress, and masturbation is one of them.
Proper masturbation can release stress and promote good health. However, masturbation is an addictive method. For the most pleasure, the frequency is increased frequently, which causes physical harm.
The dangers of too much masturbation

  1. Because the pressure of masturbation is different from the pressure of sexual intercourse, it is easy to produce impotence, early ejaculation and loss of libido during intercourse.
  2. Extensive chronic congestion of the sex organs will induce male aseptic prostatitis, resulting in dead sperm.
  3. Decrease the quality of sperm and cause infertility.
  4. Central nervous system and systemic symptoms such as depression, memory loss, inattention, loss of understanding, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, heart palpitations, etc.
  5. In severe cases, the brain may be over-excited and cause neurasthenia.

4 steps to teach you to overcome excessive masturbation

The first step is to correctly recognize the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation.
The second step is to increase physical exercise, which will help release stress in life and help build a healthy body.
third step. Participating in social activities is simply that if there are more activities, there is no time to masturbate.
the fourth step. Using the physical sex dolls of, our sex dolls are made according to the ratio of 1:1. There are protruding meat particles in the vagina. It feels great. Using sex dolls can let you get rid of the control of masturbation and gradually adapt to the feeling of sexual intercourse. , Thereby restoring self-confidence.

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