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  • $69.00

    Oliver’s simulated dildos are realistic and more comfortable to use. Attention to detail, so that the meridians and textures of the phallus are highly realistic.
    Every detail is perfect. It helps women to be more independent and courageous in their pursuit of pleasure.

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  • $59.00

    With a soft exterior and a hard interior, the Saad Simulation Dildo boasts a 3.5cm diameter non-punching vagina that will leave you spellbound and horny.
    Every deeper penetration has exciting pleasure, human bionic real flesh structure, stimulating sensitive points without straining.
    Are you experiencing this kind of trouble?
    Loose, the pussy feels loose lovemaking is not pleasurable!
    Tired, hands are tired of the orgasm has not come!
    You have to hold it in for the first time!
    I don’t even have an orgasm after he’s finished!
    You deserve to have it, use it and buy it with confidence.


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  • $49.00

    Barron transparent phallus with clear veins and realistic flesh feeling. With a 21 degree angle of inclination, it can be used to make love in the room, living room, kitchen or bathroom.

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  • -11% Off

    1. Realistic glans, mushroom-shaped glans, stronger scratching sensation
    2. Raised sinew, simulate DD erection hard and firm shape, love is more exciting
    3. Pleated balls, simulating DD double egg shape, ramming vulva, orgasm

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