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4 aspects to solve psychological sexual dysfunction

  1. Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy is to correct wrong sexual concepts through re-learning and establish a new learning condition model to replace the eliminated non-adaptive behaviors. The theory of behavior therapy believes that sexual behavior is acquired, just like other behaviors. Sexual dysfunction is the result of the patient’s acquired wrong learning. It can be corrected by establishing a new conditional learning model to replace the behavior that has been adapted.

  1. Psychoanalytic therapy

Psychologists believe that ED patients show negative, anxiety, fear, timid and other emotional changes in their sexual life, which will aggravate their own symptoms. The root cause is childhood castration anxiety, which is a manifestation of personality disorders, and they are afraid of entering the vagina. Through techniques such as “free association” and “dream analysis”, the subconscious is directed to the realm of consciousness for venting, so that the sexual impulse is naturally accepted by the parties and the sexual function returns to normal.

  1. Cognitive therapy

The purpose of cognitive therapy is to help patients express their sexual needs openly and without concern. At the same time, husbands and wives are required to check each other’s sex organs after returning home to increase their understanding of sex organs and eliminate sexual shyness.

Having said so much, you should know several treatments for sexual dysfunction, and actively take measures to treat the disease to ensure your own health and redo a confident man!

4.Sex Doll

Allow patients to use sex dolls, allowing patients to slowly find confidence in sex dolls

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