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Five aspects allow you to understand the causes of psychological sexual dysfunction.

Impotence and early ejaculation, these two are men’s nightmares and make life messy. What I don’t know is that there are also two types of impotence. One is physical impotence and the other is psychological impotence. For most patients, psychological Main cause of sexual impotence
According to reports from authoritative experts, psychological impotence accounts for 85% of patients

What is psychological impotence?

Psychological impotence is a kind of psychological dysfunction. Psychological sexual dysfunction refers to a group of sexual dysfunction closely related to psychosocial factors. Common symptoms include loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of orgasm, vaginismus, pain during intercourse, etc.
①: No scientific sex education. Some men hear incorrect theories in society without sexual knowledge at the beginning, leading to psychological sexual dysfunction.
②: Some men overestimate themselves, leading to a big gap in reality, and then increase psychological pressure, form tension, and premature ejaculation.
③: The psychological quality is poor. When you are blamed by the object during sex, you will be worried. You can’t get rid of this kind of psychological pressure when you have sex next time.
④: Inferiority complex. Some men unreasonably think that their penis is too small, and think that their sexual function is low, which leads to invisible pressure.
⑤: External pressure. During sex, it is impossible for a man to be brave every time. It is normal that the state is not good occasionally, but the female partner does not understand, causing suspicion and blame, which makes the man lost in psychological pressure.

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