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Have you seen sex dolls that can wiggle their hips?


Twisting the hips
Traditional dolls are made in a 1:1 ratio of real people, while dolls can change their physical features, such as hair, face, body, etc., according to human requirements, and can even make a more perfect body than real people.
The disadvantages of traditional dolls are very obvious, the body of the traditional doll can be very perfect, but for most people, the traditional doll is just an object, it has no vitality, at the beginning of the use of the doll, you will feel incredibly fresh, after a long time, you will feel dull and bored.
So the need to improve the traditional sex doll, need to give the doll vitality, so that it can move freely up and down to increase the fun.

Twisting the hips is one of the main technologies recommended by Twisting the hips is done by mechanizing the waist to achieve the effect of twisting the hips from side to side, which will give a different feeling. In terms of price, the cost performance is very high, and the doll has an additional function of twisting the hips than the traditional doll, but the price has not increased significantly.

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