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I had sex with a sex doll, is this a psychopath?

I had sex with a sex doll, is this a psychopath?
Now the adult sex dolls really do a very realistic, body, needless to say, can be customized at will, big breasts or big ass, as long as you have data, can be done, this is the most basic, to make sex dolls more realistic, you have to do research on the details, such as capillaries, skin lines, muscle lines, the human body should have, sex dolls can be done, more advanced on the number of sex mechanical dolls We know through the network, the ultimate goal of sex dolls, is to make a robot with artificial intelligence brain, let’s not go that far, the market now has many sex robots, of course, these do not have artificial intelligence, but can not hide the changes brought to us by technology is huge, such as simulated oral sex function, simulated breathing, can twist the hips. These are all very advanced.
Sex dolls are dolls made through a 1:1 ratio, in accordance with a woman’s body structure, the main function is to solve the physical needs of men. In my first contact with sex dolls was in 2021, when I was in contact with sex dolls in the local sex mart, and then my heart was a little messed up, I think sex dolls are more perfect than real women, when sex dolls naked in front of me, I actually had a physiological reaction, which made me very scared, am I having a fetish? Do I not like women? Then, I could not resist the drive of my heart, I purchased a sex doll, and then I had sex with the sex doll, am I a psychopath?

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