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Simple sex toy survey results


Research from one country suggests that sex toy use is prevalent among a variety of populations and is often associated with sexual behavior. Based on a positive sexual behavior framework and a positive technology framework, this study documents the prevalence of sex toy use among heterosexual-identified women and men in solo and partner sex in one country, as well as perceptions of the positive and/or negative effects of sex toy use on sexual well-being. A national online sample of 1,723 heterosexual-identified adults (Mage = 42.71, SD = 13.25, 49% female, 51% male) was surveyed. The majority (52%) reported using sex toys during partner sex and 45% reported using sex toys during solo sex. Both women and men reported more positive than negative effects on sex toy use. The findings suggest that professionals involved in sexual health/sex education should consider sex toy use as a common and beneficial sexual behavior. Future research could explore the specific effects of sex toy use and its predictors in more detail.

The findings are reprinted in NCBI

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