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The 28-year-old man at the end of cancer married a sex doll and took a series of super beautiful wedding photos!

This is a 28-year-old Chinese boy. He was diagnosed with cancer by a doctor, and he was in the terminal stage as soon as he was diagnosed.He who is not yet married recently married a sex doll。In this series of photos, the boy is like a normal lover, posing affectionately with this doll in white gauze, and took many super beautiful photos.

Why does he take wedding photos with sex dolls?

It turned out that this man hoped to have his own wedding before he died, but he did not want to let the other half live alone in grief after he died

In today’s society, when I eat alone, the food is really disgusting. When I go shopping alone, there is no product that can raise my interest. It feels very bad. I go home from get off work alone and I have only one at home. People are really lonely. When you watch a movie in the cinema, the movie is really a failure.
Sex doll is no longer synonymous with pornography, he has a mission of companionship, he can release our pressure, drive our loneliness, and make us feel energetic. is a professional TPE sex doll customization agency that uses high technology to transform traditional sex dolls, so that sex dolls are no longer boring, and the most important thing is not to increase the price. I hope you can bring home one and bring happiness home.

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