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It’s amazing, the doll can breathe.


Every man has a perfect goddess in his heart, which is a man’s expectation of a woman, but this goddess generally does not exist, because men are given very harsh conditions to the heart of the goddess, so the sex doll is a very special product, it can be made according to the conditions of men’s conditions, the goddess.

The most important thing is to have a trust in the heart of each person, and this trust may be an object, a person, or a spirit.
If the trust that exists in your heart is a person, then the doll can be able to help you, it can take the person in your heart and make it. The doll can complete the dream in your heart.
Simulated breathing
Simulated breathing is the doll simulates human breathing, chest breathing up. When you see the goddess come to life, it is very crazy.

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