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Top 10 benefits of sex dolls

1 , very save money. Find a girlfriend is a running investment, the amount of investment uncertainty, recurrent and continuous destined to be much more expensive than buying a physical doll, buy a physical doll. Only a one-time investment can be made.

2 , very obedient. Girlfriend does not move a temper, it is not easy to coax, day and night break up, depressed to death, while the physical doll is not.

3, can always meet the physical needs. Girlfriend often emotional, plus there are always a few uncomfortable days each month, making men eager but inaccessible, the entity doll is different, can always meet the physiological needs.

4, easy to carry. Business trip or travel, it is not convenient to bring your girlfriend, but it is convenient to bring the entity doll.

5, men to have a sense of responsibility, the girlfriend is responsible for pregnancy, and buy a physical doll will not have these accidents.

6, most men have a phobia of marriage, enjoy the love life, but also afraid to carry the burden of family, buy a physical doll can enjoy life without having to get married.

7, girlfriend with the loss of time will slowly aging, physical dolls can be a long time to maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance.

8, buy a physical doll. Don’t worry about staying out at night, and if you are found by your girlfriend will interrogate you for half a day.

9, if the two sides of the conflict and argument, the girlfriend will be scolded, or even a big fight, while the entity doll, the scolding is not returned, not fight back (but still to take good care of the doll).

10, and girlfriend breakup consequences are very serious, while the entity doll. Then you can always get a new one.

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