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Torso sex dolls are walking sex

Torso sex dolls are walking sex
The manufacturing process of sex dolls is very realistic, able to make delicate skin, perfect body, even the skin veins lines can be perfectly presented, but sex dolls have a disadvantage, is not easy to move, because according to the 1:1 manufacturing of women, the weight of sex dolls is also the same as the weight of real women, probably also in 40KG, so it is too difficult to move sex dolls, with the development of technology There are also top manufacturers, to reduce the weight of this drawback, such as WM DOLL, can control the doll in the vicinity of 27KG.

In order to make up for this shortcoming, the torso sex doll appeared, the torso sex doll was born for this purpose, the torso sex doll still has a seductive body, delicate face, in order to make the weight lower without reducing the feeling of using the product, the torso doll is missing the hands and legs, so that the weight can be quickly reduced, to achieve the intention of easy to carry.
Sex anywhere, anytime
The torso sex doll weighs around 20KG or less, it fits in your luggage and you can take the torso doll to the bathroom of a shopping mall where you can have a very exciting sex session in the bathroom.
In a restaurant, when you are full and must want to indulge in a pleasurable sex session, the Torso Sex Doll will satisfy your needs.
How do you feel about sex in the air, sex on a plane is surely your dream.
Sex on a train, sex in a hotel, sex in a park, sex at school, sex anywhere and anytime you want.

Lifelike WM Sex Doll 10 - 150CM M-Cup Cornelia
Lifelike WM Sex Doll 10 – 150CM M-Cup Cornelia

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