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Who made the sex doll

Some of the first sex dolls were created by French (dame de voyage) and Spanish (dama de viaje) sailors in the sixteenth century who would be isolated during long voyages.These masturbatory dolls were often made of sewn cloth or old clothes and were a direct predecessor to today’s sex dolls. Later, the Dutch sold some of these dolls to Japanese people during the Rangaku period, and the term “Dutch wives” is still sometimes used in Japan to refer to sex dolls

In 1918

Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka commissioned a life-sized doll of Alma Mahler (whom Kokoschka was in love with) to German puppet maker Hermine Moos, while he was in Dresden.[1] Although intended to simulate Alma and receive his affection, the “Alma doll” did not satisfy Kokoschka and he destroyed it during a party.


Sex robots are now the main theme

Silicone dolls were at first made from tin-cure silicone but platinum technology has better longevity, less prone to tears and compression marks. For this reason, the “RealDoll” manufacturer reported switching from the tin to the platinum material in June 2009 and all other manufacturers have followed suit.[citation needed]

Since 2012 or so a thermoplastic elastomer alternative known as TPE has come into common use particularly by Chinese manufacturers which have enabled realistic dolls to be made which are cheaper than those composed of the high quality expensive platinum cure silicone.

Twiceperson custom sex doll

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(1).Environmentally friendly TPE material
(2). Automatic hip twist function.
(3). The hair is implanted in the head, which is more real.
(4). There are realistic skin lines and blood vessel lines.
(5). With pronunciation, fever function
(6).Built-in ECO skeleton, posture can be changed at any time.
(7). More options to customize, make the goddess more perfect

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